Support Oakworth Community Trust with Oakworth’s own village lottery.

A lottery entry costs just £1 a month, half the proceeds are paid out in prize money with the other half used for the development and running of the village hall or community events run by the Trust.  To make it easier for you and the Trust we are selling 12-month entry to the lottery so each ticket costs £12 but gets you in the draw every month for a year.

There are a number of ways you can pay, download and complete this form and post to the address on the form or alternatively buy online from

There are now two ways you can purchase your lottery ticket:

One-off payment of £12 – great for gifts such as Christmas or Birthdays!

Subscription payment of £12 which auto renews every year. No more forgetting to renew your lottery ticket – we’ll take care of that for you. What’s more, the Subscription also comes with some other great benefits:

  • Priority access to all Trust events for a year (extended to the end of 2021 for a limited time!)
    • Access tickets to Trust events before they are released on general sale.
    • Priority ticket holders get notified of events that are available to book, so there’s no need to check the website etc – we’ll let you know when you can book your tickets.

This means that for events such as our very popular Ladies’ Night, or Gin Festival etc you will be able to get your tickets first, and all for the same annual price of just £12!


Prize winners will be randomly drawn on the first Saturday of each month. The prize money depends on the number of entries that month but will always be about half the total entry fund.  To start with there will be 3 prizes, 1st prize will be 25% of the total, 2nd prize will be 15% and 3rd prize will be 10%.  So if there are 200 entries the prizes will be £50, £30 & £20, if there are 300 entries the prizes will be £75, £45 & £30, so the more the merrier.

All money raised is either paid out in prizes or goes back into the community, the trust has big plans for the village hall and big plans for community events and both these will benefit from the profits of this lottery.

Each month’s winners are notified by a phone call, email or text message and names published on

Entrants must be aged 16 years or over. Trustees of Oakworth Community Trust cannot enter the lottery.

Enquiries about the lottery can be made by email to