The hall is being transferred to the Trust on a 50 year lease and we will be responsible for all its operations, bookings, opening/closing/cleaning/maintenance/improvements etc…  The alternative was closure by Bradford Council (BMDC) as a result of budget cuts.

An average public building costs approximately £30,000 a year to run, this covers the usual running costs (gas, electricity, water, rates etc…), maintenance (cleaning, decoration, damage repair, etc…), statutory requirements (electrical testing, fire safety inspections, etc…) and also unforeseen costs (major damage, new regulations, etc…).

To make the hall more sustainable and secure its future for Oakworth we have some goals to help improve its use, these are:

  • Attract more regular hires (e.g. classes)
  • Attract more one-off events (e.g. parties)
  • Generate non-rental revenue

To help meet these goals we have plans for the modernisation of some of the halls facilities, these are:

  • Build a new storage area and add an additional fire exit
  • Refurbish the toilets
  • Add a ground floor bar and lounge area
  • Install solar panels

These will allow the hall occupancy to be increased, provide more storage space to be rented out to regular hirers, make the facilities more attractive to help bring in more one-off events and provide additional non-rental revenue.

This all costs money though, the Trust aims to raise this money through running events, room hire and grant applications and all of these need your help either by participating in the events, attending the classes on at the hall or by support our grant applications through feedback/voting or other means.

The hall is well used and an integral part of our village, with the change of operations from BMDC to the Trust though we no longer have the back-stop of BMDC to rely on to keep the hall open and so it is even more important for us all to make use of it and support it in any way.

It’s up to us now.

The future