We are changing the way that Regular Hire customers access the building. From August 2020 all access to the building will be via electronic fob.

To access the building, simply present your fob to the reader to the left of the door. If your entry is granted, the reader will flash green and the door will unlock temporarily and then re-lock. If your entry is denied, the reader will flash red and the door will remain locked. 

You can also “hold open” the door by simply presenting your fob to the reader twice in succession (rather than the usual once). This will keep the door unlocked until you present your fob again. A use case for the two types of entry could be: 

  • You arrive to setup your group, and present your fob once in order to gain access, with the door re-locking behind you so that you have time to setup without group members coming in before you are ready. 
  • Once you are ready you present your fob twice to the reader which then holds the door open for your group members to come and go as required. 
  • Once your group is over, you present your token to the reader once in order to re-lock the door so you can clear up without being disturbed. 

Access will be restricted to coincide with the hire times, meaning that you will not be able to access the building outside of the times that you are hiring. If you need to access the building outside of your hire times, please contact finance@oakworthcommunitytrust.org.uk.

It is absolutely essential that the door is not forced as this will cause expensive damage for which you will be charged for the repair. 

The main hall is now also connected to the access control system. If you are a hall user the doors will be automatically unlocked during your hire times so you won’t need to tap your fob. If you are not a hall user the hall will remain locked during your hire time and your fob will not unlock it if used. If you need access to the hall and you are not hiring it please contact us.

The new alarm system

As part of our security review, we have also taken this opportunity to change the alarm system which now fully integrates with the door control system. There is no longer a code and all alarm control is via your door fob.  

To unset the alarm:

  • Present your fob to the keypad. The orange and red lights will flash to indicate that the alarm is being disarmed. This will take no more than 10 seconds. After the alarm has sucessfully disarmed the green light will flash and the door will unlock. It is absolutely essential that you do not force the door and wait until the green lights flash.

If you present your fob to the reader and the red light flashes – remember that this means that access is not permitted. This could be for a number of reasons: 

  • Your fob will be rejected if you present it outside of your hire times. 
  • Your fob will be rejected if the alarm is set and your fob does not allow you to disable the alarm (NB. All Regular Hire customers have alarm permissions, so it is highly likely that any rejections will be based upon time issues rather than this). 
  • Your fob will reject if the system cannot unset the alarm (for example if there is a system failure and the system cannot connect to the alarm to disable it). 
  • Remember that you must not force the door. If you cannot gain entry to the building for any reason please call the Duty Manager who will assist. 

To set the alarm:

  • Exit the building and ensure that the building is secure with all windows and doors closed. 
  • Ensure that you have cancelled any override of the door locking (some groups leave the door unlocked whilst they are in by double-tapping their fob). The door must be closed and locked before the alarm will set. 
  • One the door is closed and locked, simply press the * (star) button on the keypad and present your fob. The system will then set the alarm and the keypad will display a steady red light to confirm that the alarm has been set successfully. 

We have created some basic “how to” videos which demonstrate both setting and un-setting the alarm which can be viewed by clicking here

Ordering your fob

You can order fobs through our website by clicking here. You must also fill in some supporting notes in the “Order Notes” section under the “Additional Information” heading. You should include the full names of the holders, their group (eg Slimming World) and their role within that group. Fobs are only available to hirers and are strictly not available for purchase by the attendees of your groups. Fobs will not be issued without this supporting information. If preferred, you may also send this supporting information separately via  email to finance@oakworthcommunitytrust.org.uk stating your order confirmation number in addition to the above details. 

Once your order has been confirmed and your supporting information validated, we will order your fob(s). We will exchange your main door key for your access fob. For the time being, you will need to keep your cupboard key.  

Each fob costs £5 – fully refundable upon return of the fob (in full working order). 

Any and all comments or queries about this new access arrangement should be directed to finance@oakworthcommunitytrust.org.uk.